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Insurance Carriers Nationwide are accepted at Premier Collision Center

Premier Collision Center Accepts Insurance Carriers Nationwide

This is key in getting your repairs done quickly and easily. After an accident, you will need to contact your insurance carrier.  If the accident involved another vehicle, you will need to get the insurance information from the other car owners involved. After choosing Premier Collision Center and notifying your insurance company, we will send them an estimate of the repairs. We will go over your coverage with you, as soon as the insurance company notifies us. We have a clear line of communication between Premier and the insurance carrier every step of the way, so there are no surprises as the repairs are completed.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions You May Have About Insurance


Is it important to speak with my insurance company before beginning repairs on my car?


Approval from your insurance company is necessary to begin the collision repair work. They will give you digital documents outlining acceptable labor and parts for the repair service. Make sure you know what is expected so there are no surprises along the way or when you pick up your vehicle when repairs are completed.


Are three estimates required?

No, you are not required to acquire three estimates.

Many repair shops offer free estimates. Check with your insurance carrier to find out their requirements for parts, labor, etc. in order to process the claim. If you understand what will be paid for by insurance and what will be required for you to pay out-of-pocket from the beginning, you can make your decisions more clearly. The repair shop should give you a detailed estimate to help you along with this process. Ask questions of both your insurance company and the repair shop staff so everyone is on the same page going forward.

Selecting a repair shop whom you trust is most important. If you understand the insurance requirements and can communicate that with the repair shop, you are in control of the situation and all parties will be happy with the outcome.


What if my insurance company refuses to work with the collision repair shop I choose?

You, as the car owner have the final say in which repair shop you choose.

Explicit laws have been enacted so that you can choose who fixes your car after an accident.


Does my insurance pay the repair shop or do I pay them?

The final responsibility of payment to the repair shop lies with the owner of the vehicle.

You can request your insurance company to pay the repair shop directly, if you wish to do so. The insurance company usually pays an initial payment, after the repair estimate is presented to them.

During the repair process, and the finished project, insurance companies generally present a check to the shop. Supplemental payments will be issued for unforeseen damages or cost of parts discovered during the repair process.

The collision repair shop will help clarify any repair costs for you. Open communication between the shop and you will help keep things transparent and get you back on the road again.

Be sure and explain your deductible amount to the shop. You will be paying the final amount before leaving the shop with your repaired car.