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faq for Premier Collision Center in Denver COFollowing are the most common questions brought up by folks involved in an accident. We hope this alleviates some of the stress involved in this stressful time.

What Do I need to do if I’m involved in an accident?

  1. Don’t get upset. Take a deep breath.
  2. Notice any injuries you may have. Your body and health are far more important that damage to your car.
  3. If it is a slight accident, meaning no injuries to any party, move your vehicles out of traffic into safety. You might want to call the police.
  4. Call your insurance company immediately.
  5. Take copious notes about the entire accident, including precise damages to all the cars involved. Take down names, license plate numbers, phone numbers, addresses, insurance numbers and phone numbers of insurers. Speak to witnesses and take notes, names, and phone numbers of them as well.
  6. Be kind and gracious to all involved. It is a traumatic experience for everyone. The fault will be figured out by the police and the insurers.
  7. Take lots of pictures of the accident and scene if you have a phone camera or other camera. Some insurance companies even have an app for that!
  8. Call a repair shop that you trust. If you have to have your car hauled there by a towing company, the repair shop very often can take care of all of that and rental car information too. They are more than happy to help you.
  9. Once your insurance company has given you claim number information, contact the repair shop with the information. Go over payment information and scheduling repairs.

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What should I do when I pick up my repaired automobile?

  1. Review your itemized final repair order. Complete a walk-around inspection with your Service Adviser and have him/her explain the repairs that were made to your automobile.
  2. Look at the paint color and finish, all exterior trim, and proper operation of items involved, such as handles, mirrors, and other moving parts.
  3. Choose a repair center that measures customer satisfaction and satisfaction is guaranteed before any payment is made.